Belize Travellers Distillery Column Still – 11 yo – 2005

Kill-Devil-Belize-Travellerd-distillery-10-yo-bottleKill Devil – Single Cask Rums – RUM0060
Belize – Travellers distillery – 397 bottles
Distilled : 11/2005 – Bottled : 02/2017 – Fût n° : HL 16109 – Alcool : 46%

La distillerie Travellers
Travellers Liquors Limited is a distiller based in Belize. The company produces a variety of different liquors, specializing in aged rum.

Travellers Liquors began providing Belizeans and visitors assortments of distilled products in 1953. The company was founded by Master Blender Omario Perdomo. The company gained its name from the success it achieved in serving travellers along the main route to and from Belize City.
In 1992, the company completely upgraded its distillation facility, stepping away from other distilleries which use acids to speed up the fermentation process. For its rum products, Travellers employs high-test molasses with natural fermentation, coupled with a double-distillation method for smoother taste. Apart from traditional distilled products like rum and vodka, Travellers also produces liqueurs and wines from Belizean fruits and is the only Belizean refinery that does this.
In 1995, Travellers passed standards set for vodka by the U. S. Bureau of Tobacco, Alcohol & Firearms, clearing the way for its first shipment of 1,600 gallons of Cane Juice Vodka to the U. S. for sale in 39 states. A year later, Travellers captured two awards at the Annual Rum Tasting contest, the only company of the 131 who entered to win in two major categories.
It was in 2005 that the first shipment of One Barrel rum came to the United States. A single pallet of 75 cases was delivered to H A P L.L.C. in Mesa, Arizona. From those humble beginnings One Barrel has grown to be distributed in over twenty states.

Travellers specializes in producing aged dark rums. These are distilled from fermented molasses and aged in charred oak casks. The most well-known is One Barrel Rum which is aged for one year. One Barrel is available in the US and Canada, as well as Belize. Travellers also produces gold rums, white rums, flavored rums, brandies, vodkas, wines, gins, and various liqueurs.

L’embouteilleur : Hunter Laing – une nouvelle société …… depuis la troisième génération.
Bien que seulement fondée et opérationnelle depuis 2013, Hunter Laing est la continuation de 60 ans d’expérience et de maîtrise dans le Whisky.
Stewart Laing, qui a donné sont deuxième prénom (Hunter) comme partie du nom de la nouvelle société est rejoint par ses fils Andrew et Scott, qui eux ont intégré leur propre société d’embouteillage indépendant Edition Spirits et sa marque First Editions dans Hunter Laing.
Nous sommes fiers les marques First Editions, Sovereign, Hepburn’s Choice et Distiller’s Art en whisky et Kill Devil en embouteillages single cask de Rhum font partie du portefeuille de La Boutique du Chemin.
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Notes de dégustation

Nose : Vanilla pods, red berries, and ginger.
Palate : Papaya, oranges and golden syrup.
Finish : Sweet, with lingering tropical fruit.


72, 70

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Single Cask

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