Kah Blanco Tequila

“Clear. Pure roasted agave aromas and flavors of yams, olives, cashew nougat, cream, and delicate spice with a silky, dry-
yet-fruity, medium body and an elegant dulce de leche gelato, dried fruit, pepper, chalk, and grass accented finish. Incredibly
smooth with great purity, flavor and style.”

Beverage Testing Institute, August 2013 – rating 96/100

KAH Blanco Tequila

KAH Tequila Blanco contains intense sweet notes of the cooked agave, followed by a spicy white peppery punch. It is silky and delicate, leaving a sachet of spices on the palate. 

The KAH Tequila Blanco bottle was inspired by traditional Calaveras (skulls made from sugar) which are used in Day of the Dead rituals to symbolize death and rebirth. Sugar skulls are given to family still living and they are invited to « eat their own death », to acknowledge the belief that death is nothing but the passing from this life into the next. Bolivians celebrate their version of the Day of the Dead by keeping the skulls of their loved ones, calling it the « Day of the Skulls ». These decaying heads are brought out each year on November 8th and taken to the cemetery where Bolivians feed them, give them cigarettes and Tequila. 

Keeping and entertaining the skulls of their deceased is seen as a way for the dead to be immortalized. They believe the skulls of their ancestors protect the living by warding off evil spirits.

USDA-OrganicKAH Tequila was designed to pay reverence and honor to Mexico and its people. Its bottle and spirit are reflective of Day of the Dead, the 3,000 year-old Meso-American ritual honoring deceased loved ones. KAH’s unique packaging, in turn, is inspired by traditional Calaveras used in Dia de los Muertos rituals to symbolize death and rebirth. The word KAH translates to « life » in the ancient Mayan language. Every bottle is an individual, hand-crafted work of art, not two bottles are the same. While the bottle captures that enduring spirit, so does the Tequila inside, as KAH’s distillers transform hand-selected 100% Blue agave into lively Blanco, Reposado and Añejo varieties that are both certified organic and Kosher.



2012 Awards

2012 San Francisco World Spirits Competition
KAH® Tequila Series received Double Gold Medals

Ultimate Spirits Challenge held in New York City

  • KAH® Tequila Anejo received a score of 93, an “Excellent, Highly Recommended”
  • KAH® Tequila Reposado: 110 Proof scored 90 “Excellent, Highly Recommended”.

2011 Awards

KAH Reposado 110 Proof

KAH Extra Anejo – Best in Class – Platinum
KAH Anejo – Gold
KAH Reposado – Bronze
KAH Blanco – Silver
KAH TEQUILA SERIES – Best in Class – Platinum

KAH Anejo – Best of Category and Gold Medal
KAH Reposado – Bronze Medal
KAH Blanco – Gold Medal

2010 Awards

KAH Anejo – Best of Category and Gold Medal
KAH Reposado – Bronze medal
KAH Blanco – Gold Medal

Notes de dégustation

Aroma : Pure sweet agave on the nose. Light hints of pepper, earth and a hint of mint. Initial Taste: Sweet agave. Very clean tasting. Only light pepper and mint are present.
Body : A medium body for a blanco. Very basic blanco flavor. Nice sweetness and a light pepper bite.
Finish : Short finish. The spice linger is a bit muted for a blanco, but the finish is smooth and pleasant. Just a hint of earthy agave lingers as well.

« This is a blanco to please the masses. There aren’t too many sharp flavors, but the flavors are clean and pleasant. The light mint flavor is a nice addition.  For those looking for the booming flavors of earth and herbs, this is not the blanco for you. For those wanting a light and clean tequila with a pure agave taste, this is a good choice. For that and the great looking bottle, I’d say this is a good buy. »  (tequilatourist.com)

« With a heavy herbal nose, and whiffs of white pepper and cooked agave, the blanco certainly doesn’t smell like a generic brand. Instead, it falls into the category of pungent herbal contenders. Now, I admit that grassy tequilas are not my personal preference, but some people really enjoy them so I proceeded with an open mind.In the mouth it is surprisingly balanced, with a medium finish that hits you in the back of the throat. It has a lightweight mouth feel that’s pleasing, but in the glass it looks a bit watery. » (tastetequila.com)

69, 65

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Classification suivant l'âge


Pot still – Stainless steel

Extradition Method

Schredder – Roller

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