Vermouth Lacuesta Reserva

Our vermouth, hand-made by Martínez Lacuesta since 1937, is held to be one of the finest aperitifs.
The “botanicals” (in Italian language called “Conzia”), or herbal extracts (herbs and aromatic plants cold-macerated in white wine) are first aged in American oak barrels and then added to the white base wine along with sugar, citric acid, caramel and alcohol.

As a special complement to the traditional production method for our vermouth, which uses cold-pressed natural aromatic herbs and plants for the white wine base, we have added a brief period of ageing, during which the vermouth matures beautifully in new French oak barrels from Allier, medium-toasted. The result is this bitter, aromatic and intensely coloured vermouth, recalling traditional vermouth with its dark-roasted undertones and unique flavour. Ideal as an aperitif, it is best served cold and accompanied by a slice of orange and an olive.

Lacuesta-vermouth-reserva-rojo-rouge-red-rood-bottleThe formula of Vermouth Lacuesta 

Bodegas Martínez Lacuesta has its own formula, using the aromatic plants and herbs in a special proportion. 
Just let you know that the formula vermut (which is secret like the coca-cola!!) was given by a German soldier that was hidden in our city by the owner of the winery and grand father of the current owner (Luis Martínez Lacuesta) during the Spanish Civil War in 1936!!!! 
He helped him to escape back home and he paid him giving the way to make our vermut!!. 
This is the real history

The way of making of Vermouth Lacuesta

 This is the way of making our traditional vermouth Lacuesta, since 1937.

Natural aromatic plants and herbs like, sea wordwood, coriander, bitter orange, wild marjoram, elder flower, savory, yarrow, cinnamon, peruvian bark, fennel, red sandal, nutmeg, vanilla, etc, are used to cold macerate with the base white wine and alcohol. 

During fifteen days this blend is continually moved in order to get the best blend among the wine, the alcohol and all the herbs and plants. The result is called CONZIA or BOTANICALS, and is aged for at least 3 years in American used oak barrels. As the herbal extract remains for so long time in barrels, the evaporation is too high and it lets to get more concentration. It means that, about a 10% is lost, so that gives to the blend a great concentration and flavour.  lire la suite 






Notes de dégustation

Nose: Nutty, faintly smoked nose with almond, cured meat and a hint of grape.
Palate: Tangy, plum-like palate. Hints of cherry, almond oil, sandalwood and spice.
Finish: Spiced, herbal finish.

20, 40