Aberfeldy distillery

Aberfeldy distillery : Location 


Aberfeldy is a whiskey distillery located in the Highlands, in the heart of Scotland.
The village of Aberfeldy is located in the Eastern Highlands, near the city of Perth. This hilly region at the foot of the Grampians is always very rustic, with many producers of organic vegetables, but it also attracts many tourists, especially around Loch Tay.

Aberfeldy distillery : History 

John Dewar was born on a farm near Aberfeldy in 1806 and was introduced in the wine trade at the age of 22 by a distant cousin. His family began to prepare blend, and in 1896-1898, established its own distillery in Aberfeldy, on the site of a former distillery called Pitilie, which was active between 1825 and 1867.

The brothers John and Tommy Dewar, sons of Thomas, the first bottler blends of Scotland, are the creators of the distillery. They created it because they needed a single malt to develop their blend, the Dewar’s. Although it is still little known in France for example, the Dewar’s was a great success in the United States, where it is still the number one in its class.
Since then, production has never really stopped except during the First World War.
In 1925, the firm was absorbed by the DCL (Distillers Company Limited).

In 1972, the construction of a new distillation plant permitted to increase the production capacity, which now rested on four pot stills. For reasons of cost, the malt distillery was abandoned. When DCL was taken back by Guinness, the distillery was found headed by UD, which gave the license back to John Dewar & Sons. Through mergers that accompanied the creation of Diageo, the owners of the cartel, in America and in Brussels, imposed the sale of Dewar’s with four distilleries, including Aberfeldy – the conditions to reflect the fact that the Dewar’s White Label was – and still is – the best selling blend in the U.S.
In 1998, Bacardi purchased Dewar’s Diageo, for more than one million pounds. The new owner creates the visitor center, which focuses on the past and the news of the brand, but also develops the marketing of single malts from Aberfeldy, launching new references to various ages. The number of stills passes from two to four. A visitor center also was opened in 2000.


Aberfeldy distillery : the distillery 

From the beginning, Aberfeldy is dedicated to providing the malt whiskey background of blends of Dewar and has continued to play this role within the group United Distillers, and continues today under the leadership Bacardi. This may be giving Aberfeldy Dewar blends their freshness and liveliness.
Hard water used at the distillery comes from volcanic rocks full of iron and gold, and flows into the pines, spruces, birches and ferns. It is channeled in the ruins of Pitilie, an old distillery closed in 1867 whose name comes from the source called Pitilie Burn.
Aberfeldy still has its pagoda roof, but she stopped malting in 1972. DCL, the owner of that time, had closed malting floors in favor of a center specializing in the production of malted barley. Some of the freed space was then used to enlarge the still-houses, at a time when one pushed the production to meet demand. In Aberfeldy, the renovated buildings are in the style of the time. The stills themselves are high, with soft shapes. The distillery also has a small steam locomotive, which is no longer in service.
The distillery is equipped with a stainless steel mixing bowl, eight fermenters in Oregon larch and two stainless placed outside. The distillation is carried out in two pairs of stills.
There are several wineries on the site, but they are no longer used, aging takes place elsewhere in the city of Perth. 

Aberfeldy distillery : the Whisky 

Showing great firmness, Aberfeldy single malt is the most powerful of the Midlands malts. The best versions allow also perceive a softness on the palate.
Aberfeldy malts are characterized by their dominant note of cereal with a powerful character, and accompanied by a little honey, and sometimes a little smoke. This single malt is a perfect digestive.

Style: Firm, oily, utter, fruity and strong. Nice during the dessert,
or with a book in the evening, depending on age. (Michael Jackson)

Aberfeldy distillery : Data Sheet

Name: Aberfeldy 
Pronunciation: aberfeldi 
Signification: “The confluence of Palladius”
Owner: Dewar’s (Baccardi) 
Date of creation:  1896 
Status: active
Distillation process 
Spring: Pitilie Burn 
Mash tune(s): 6,3 tons Full-Lauter 
Washback(s):  8 Siberian larch
2 Stainless steel
Stills:  2 wash stills 16.500 L
2 spirit stills 15.000 L
Capacity LPA:




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