Darroze Armagnac – “Collection Unique”

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At present we have in our ageing storage cellars more than 30 different estates located in various parts of Bas-Armagnac.
The villages of Labastide d’Armagnac, Arthez d’Armagnac, Le Frêche, Villeneuve de Marsan, Le Bourdalat, Lacquy, Perquie, Hontanx, Mauléon d’Armagnac and du Houga have vineyards producing the best brandies. This area is what was used to be called “Grand Bas-Armagnac”.
It is in this area of 15×25 kilometers that we focus with determination our never-ending quest to expose and hopefully acquire yet another small quantity (a cask here, a dame-jeanne there) of the characterful Armagnacs so typical of the region.
Château de La Brise, Domaine de Capdepont, Domaine de Touja, Domaine de Mahu, Domaine de Cavaillon, de Saint Aubin… have made the reputation of our company. Today they are replaced by the estates of Au Martin, Salié, Peyron, Jouanchicot, Coquillon, Monturon, Aux Ducs ou autres Aux Durre, Poutéou, Paguy, Busquet, Piheron, Bertruc, Gaube, Pounon et Peyrot but all are from this magic triangle of the “grand” Bas-Armagnac.
Collection unique
All age in their own vats. They will never be mixed, and will retain their initial character all the way to your glass. At present we offer 45 different vintages from the beginning of the century to today. In the Armagnac region, when it is decided to sell a product under its original vintage, the law imposes a minimum ageing period of 10 years in oak vats. The desired balance between flavor, tannin and alcohol is in fact reached after 15 years.
Our entire stock of Bas-Armagnac is kept in wood barrels. Only upon receipt of orders we bottle them. This prolongs the ageing process as much as possible. Once bottled, unlike wine, Armagnac no longer ages. This is so for all spirits. For that reason we always show the date of bottling, which gives the true age of the Armagnac.


On this “Unique Collection”, our creed is simple and clear:

  • We refuse to blend our Armagnacs together even two casks from the same Domaine, which could diminish, even eliminate all the characteristics of the soil, the climate and the varietals. each Bas-Armagnac we offer is different, and we respect the work of the vinegrower by putting the name of the estate on the bottle.
  • We refuse to blend together different vintages. Each year gives Armagnac different characteristics. This is why we reproduce the originalvintage so as to keep the diversity of products of the region at a maximum.
  • We refuse to add water to our spirits to reduce the degree of alcohol. By diluting Armagnac with water (a perfectly legitimate practice) one also dilutes the potential flavour and erases the differences between one soil and another. One remove all the impact of the earth on the product. One removes the interest from the Armagnac.