Armagnac Darroze 2000 – La Collection Unique

Distilled by: Domaine du Couzard-Lasalle – Alcool: 49,00 %

“Marc Darroze will make you discover the subtleties between the different terroirs, grape varieties, vintages … and will show you that the couple baco-tawny sands gives the finest eaux-de-vie in the world.” (Pierre Casamayor – Revue des vins de France)

“I cannot claim to have tasted all the finest Bas-Armagnacs, but I know of no one who makes finer Bas Armagnac than Darroze. All his Armagnacs are unblended from single vineyards from a single vintage. He is considered the “Pope of Armagnacs”… You haven’t tasted real old style Armagnacs until you try one of these incredibly intense, fiery creations. The aromas are undeniably heady, but deliver powerful yet complex scents of vanillin, leather, sauteed almonds, and hickory. Extremely full bodied and intense, the remarkable amount of fruit these Armagnacs possess and the astonishing richness they have set them apart from just about any other brandy on the market.” (Robert Parker – The wine advocate)

Armagnac Darroze 2000 – La Collection Unique

La Collection Unique Darroze – Our profession : Artisan-Maturer

We are proud to offer you the Armagnac Darroze 2000 – La Collection Unique from our Bas-Armagnac vintages. Coming only from the best vineyards and the best properties of the appellation.

For years now we’ve been happy to bring you “Darroze Collection Unique” a Unique Collection of vintage Armagnacs, produced exclusively on the best estates in the Bas Armagnac .

In this Collection Unique , we refuse:
1 – to blend Armagnacs from different estates. The name of the estate is indicated on each bottle.
2 – to blend different vintages, since each vintage has its own characteristics. The year of production and the bottling date are also indicated on each label.
3 – to add water to our armagnacs to reduce the degree of alcohol. Our armagnacs come straight from the cask and are bottled with the original degree.
Our Collection Unique is to be found in the finest restaurants and wine cellars throughout the world.

The Darroze family

For three generations, the Darroze family has been dividing its time and passions between cooking and Armagnac.
Francis et Marc Darroze
The adventure started in the 1950s and 1960s when Jean Darroze scaled the heights with the family restaurant in Villeneuve de Marsan, right in the heart of Bas-Armagnac. He shared his passions and his work with his children all of whom played a part in the national and internationally renowned family restaurant.
It was here that Francis, the youngest member of the family, was in charge of the wine list and of course the Armagnacs. During his regular visits to the different vineyards, Francis acquired an extraordinary collection of eaux de vies coming from all different areas in the Bas Armagnac region.
At the beginning of the 1970s, Francis decided to age the eaux de vies himself, in his own cellar and under his sole control. He hunted throughout the Gascony countryside far and wide searching for the best barrels from different estates. In more than 30 years, the Darroze family collection grew and today amounts to an impressive 250 different armagnacs coming from 30 properties and including more than 50 vintages.
Today, Hélène, the eldest daughter of Francis, continues the family culinary tradition. Her restaurants in Paris are well known for the quality of the products and the sincerity of their cuisine.
Her brother Marc, trained as an oenologist, takes care of the Armagnacs’ ageing. He works with the same rigor and passion that characterizes his father.

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