Ardbeg – 1991 – 22 years – 56,10%


Ardbeg 22YO-labelDouglas of Drumlanrig 
Special rebottling for La Boutique du Chemin under the label and in the box of Douglas of Drumlanrig.
The original labels are just shown for information, so that you can find out witsch was the orignal bottel, in this case the Old and Rare OAR0188
Distilled :  1991- Bottled : 07/2013- Cask number : .  – Alcool : 56,10 %

Ardbeg produces a single malt among the more peaty and smoky Scotch whiskies, known for strong content of phénol17. The typical content of the current production is 23 or 24 ppm (one of the earlier production in 1997 of about 17 ppm).
As Jim Murray says , « […] Ardbeg is – and always has been – the most complex malt on earth »

Ardbeg distillery
Ardbeg est la première distillerie que l’on voit quand on va à l’île d’Islay avec le ferry. Les bâtiments blancs avec l’inscription typée, directement sur la côte sud, sautent aussitôt à l’oeil.
Campée au bord de la mer comme une citadelle, Ardbeg se trouve dans la partie sud de l’île d’Islay.
Ardbeg produit un single malt parmi les plus tourbés et fumés des whiskies écossais, connu pour une forte teneur en phénol17. La teneur typique de la production actuelle est 23 ou 24 ppm (celle de la production antérieure à 1997 d’environ 17 ppm).
Selon Jim Murray, « […] Ardbeg is – and always has been – the most complex malt on earth »
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The Bottler Hunter Laing – Douglas of Drumlanrig
Hunter Laing – a new company …… since the third generation
Although recently established and operational, Hunter Laing is a continuation of 60 years of experience and mastery in the Whisky.
Stewart Laing did give his middle name, Hunter, to form the name of the Company : Hunter Laing where he is joined by his sons Andrew and Scott, who brought in their own independent bottling company and its brand First Editions in Hunter Laing .
We are pleased to announce that the Douglas of DumlanrigFirst Editions, Sovereign, Hepburn’s Choice and Distiller’s Art in whisky and Kill Devil in single cask bottlings of Rum make part of the portfolio La Boutique du Chemin.
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Islay, Isle of 

The island of Islay (pronounces Eye-La), the most southerly of all the Hebrides, lies on the east coast of Kintyre.
It is flat, green and largely composed of peat (water on the island is brown with it mixed with peat). The harsh winter winds push the salty clouds far on the island, allowing the peat to soak in water, which is again dried by salty breezes of the sea. All these features make the charm of whiskeys from Islay, of great importance for some and less for others.
It has undoubtedly a privileged position in the world of whisky. The island has nine distilleries in activity and is carried by many whisky’s specialists as an autonomous region. It still remains parts of the installation of two other distilleries, such as warehouses, or in one case, an oven. In the best of times, there were here nearly 26 distilleries.
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