Arran – 1997 – 15 years – 50,00%

Douglas of Drumlanrig 
Special Rebottling for La Boutique du Chemin from Old Malt Cask OMC2225
Distilled : 01/1997 – Bottled : 11/2012 – Cask number : 9273  – Alcool : 50%

(95.5=Superstar whisky that give us all a reason to live)  n23.5 good grief! A mix of cloves, dates and walnuts go into one of the thickest noses I have ever encountered from this distillery: beautiful! t24.5 delivery nears perfection with a massive deployment of spiced fruit on a glorious thick and silky bed. Even so, the barley peels as distinctly as a church bell, allowing a pleasing degree of salivating. Some soft high roast Papua coffee notes drift through; it is the sultanas, though, which abound and make the most telling contribution;  f23.5 longer than it first appears because the sugar, mildly molassed and deft, linger longer than you think. The wonderful clarity allows the gentle spices and vanilla to thrive; b24 if you find a better refill hoggy than this over the next year you will have tasted thousands to get there. A major malt whisky. Just sorry that it is not a distillery bottling… “(Jim Murray’s Wisky bible 2014)

Arran distillery
La distillerie Arran se trouve sur l’île homonyme, la plus méridionale de l’archipel des Hébrides. Encadrée à l’est par l’Ayrshire et à l’ouest par la presqu’île de Kintyre, son climat est réputé pour sa douceur,  car elle se trouve protégée des violences climatiques de l’Atlantique par le Mull of Kintyre et la péninsule de Campbeltown.
La toute jeune distillerie d’Arran est une synthèse d’architecture moderne et de traditionalisme. Les bâtiments évoquent trois petites pyramides d’ardoise surmontées de cheminées cuivrées en forme de pagodes. Celles-ci ne sont là que pour le décor puisque la distillerie achète son orge déjà maltée.
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The Bottler Hunter Laing – Douglas of Drumlanrig
Hunter Laing – a new company …… since the third generation
Although recently established and operational, Hunter Laing is a continuation of 60 years of experience and mastery in the Whisky.
Stewart Laing did give his middle name, Hunter, to form the name of the Company : Hunter Laing where he is joined by his sons Andrew and Scott, who brought in their own independent bottling company and its brand First Editions in Hunter Laing .
We are pleased to announce that the Douglas of DumlanrigFirst Editions, Sovereign, Hepburn’s Choice and Distiller’s Art in whisky and Kill Devil in single cask bottlings of Rum make part of the portfolio La Boutique du Chemin.
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Arran, Isle of
Isle of Arran is considered as Scotland, but in small size. As Scotland itself, the island is divided in two parts: the north with mountains and lakes, and the south with distinctive hills and grasslands. Isle of Arran enjoys a mild climate because it is protected from bad weather by the Mull of Kintyre and the Campbeltown peninsula. More than a century and a half ago, one already used to product whisky one the island and it was considered as one the best in Scotland. 
Since 1995, whisky fans have another reason for visiting Arran. This reason is the creation, near Lochranza, of the Arran Distillery by Harold Currie, former manager of Chivas and House of Campbell. 
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