Auchentoshan – 1998 – 12 years – 62,90%

Old Masters – Cask strenght
Distilled : 1998 – Bottled :  2011 – Cask  n° : 102.338  – Alcool : 62,90 %

Auchentoshan is currently the only Scotch single malt to be distilled three times (a legacy of the 19th century) in stills with conical shape (classic pot still). There is therefore an intermediate still between the wash still and spirit still.
Another remarkable fact, the middle cut is raised to 82.5%, or ten degrees higher than that of other Scottish distilleries. This gives a single malt that matures quickly, marked by exuberant floral aromas (violets, lavender) directly related to the fermentation (yeast). Light and lemony character, Auchentoshan is a single malt drink with a strong personality.

Auchentoshan distillery
Au nord-ouest de Glasgow, dans les Lowlands, mais non loin de la limite de séparation avec les Highlands, le bâtiment tout blanc de la distillerie Auchentoshan se trouve au milieu entre les Killpatrick Hills et le fleuve Clyde.
Auchentoshan est le seul single malt écossais à être distillé trois fois (un héritage du 19e siècle) dans des alambics de forme conique (classic pot still). Il y a donc un alambic intermédiaire et unique en son genre entre le wash still et le spirit still.
Si vous aimez le single malt sans rechercher l’intensité, Auchentoshan vous offre l’idéal : la subtilité. Stan Getz plutôt que Sonny Rollins ; Vivaldi et non Beethoven. Le single malt d’Auchentoshan est marqué par de très fortes notes florales dont l’origine est directement liée à l’usage de levures lors de la fermentation de l’orge.
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The bottler : James MacArthur
James MacArthur was established in 1982 with the aim of selecting whiskies from Scottish Distilleries which were either not very well known or had ceased to operate and bottling them at cask strength, thus introducing whisky drinkers to distilleries they had never heard of. 
This policy has been continued, with top quality single barrel bottlings from a wide selection of distilleries. Whiskies are currently bottled at ages ranging from 10 years to 30 years and at both cask strength and 45%vol. These are fine examples of the quality and variety available from each whisky producing region and the Company has won several awards over the years for its bottlings, both internationally and in the UK. Our bottlings are also well received by Jim Murray in the Whisky Bible, the Spirit Journal in the U.S.A. and by Malt Maniacs in Europe.
James MacArthur’s Old Masters, Cask strength whiskies are bottled at natural strength and without the whisky having been chill-filtered or having colour added. The 45% bottlings, although reduced in strength, are similarly non chill-filtered and have no added colour. The aim is to offer a product which is as natural as possible and which retains its original characteristics and flavours.
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The Lowlands
Lowlands directly touch England to the south and end on the Highland Line to the north. This virtual line, drawn once by the British Parliament, stretches from Greenock to Dundee.
The area includes the central belt of Scotland South (a line from Forth to Loch Lomond). In the region, there always have been only malt distilleries, especially because at the time of the illegal distillation, there was almost no possibility of distilling whiskey in secret in this rather flat country.
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Notes de dégustation

Colour : Golden in colour.
Nose : The whisky has a wonderful combination of sweet vanilla and citrus on the nose.
Palate : The taste is bourbon sweet with a strong cocoa flavour.
Finish : Remarkably smooth and long lasting


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Single Cask

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Brut de fût

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