Bowmore – 2000 – 13 years – 46,00%

Coopers-Choice-UpperfrontCoopers Choice
Distilled : 2001 – Bottled : 2013
Cask number :  4254  – Alcool : 46,00 %

The overall style of Bowmore Whisky: It is often said that Bowmore represents a transition between the heavily peated Islay malts of the South (Ardbeg, Lagavulin, Laphroaig) and those softerfrom the North (Bunnhahabhain, Bruichladdich, Caol Ila). It is not wrong, but it should not be assumed as long as its malts are a sort of compromise. Instead, they have a strong personality peat (20-25 ppm), but accompanied by other aromatic characteristics.

Bowmore distillery
Capitale de l’île d’Islay, Bowmore se situe pratiquement en son centre, sur le Loch Indaal. Elle possède une église très originale, car toute ronde, “afin que le diable ne vienne pas se loger dans un coin”. Signe de l’importance du whisky, l’école elle-même est dotée de cheminées en forme de pagodes. La distillerie Bowmore est installée au bord du loch, et un de ses chais est même situé en dessous du niveau de la mer.
Il est dit souvent que Bowmore représente une transition entre les malts très tourbés du sud d’Islay (Ardbeg, Lagavulin, Laphroaig), et ceux plus doux du nord (Bunnhahabhain, Bruichladdich, et Caol Ila par certains côtés). 
Géographiquement et gustativement, les whiskys de Bowmore sont à mi-chemin entre les malts intenses de la côte sud et ceux du nord, plus légers.
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The Bottler :  Vintage Malt Whisky Co – Cooper’s Choice
VMW also owns and operates a sister company called The Highlands & Islands Scotch Whisky Co Ltd.  
In addition, we produce a stunning Blended  Highland Malt called Glenalmond and a number of other carefully chosen malt brands.
Another highlight of our portfolio is “Coopers Choice” range of carefully selected, exclusive Single Cask Single Malt bottlings from some of the very finest distilleries in Scotland. These are bottled at 46% vol and Cask Strength and are non coloured and non chillfiltered.
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Islay, Isle of 
The island of Islay (pronounces Eye-La), the most southerly of all the Hebrides, lies on the east coast of Kintyre.
It is flat, green and largely composed of peat (water on the island is brown with it mixed with peat). The harsh winter winds push the salty clouds far on the island, allowing the peat to soak in water, which is again dried by salty breezes of the sea. All these features make the charm of whiskeys from Islay, of great importance for some and less for others.
It has undoubtedly a privileged position in the world of whisky. The island has nine distilleries in activity and is carried by many whisky’s specialists as an autonomous region. It still remains parts of the installation of two other distilleries, such as warehouses, or in one case, an oven. In the best of times, there were here nearly 26 distilleries.
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