Bruichladdich – 1991 – 20 years – 51,50%

Old Masters – Cask strenght
Distilled : 1991 – Bottled : 2011 – Cask number : 2493  – Alcool : 51,50 %
(90.5 = brillantnose 22.5 sharp barley; clean but some light, sally tannins offering weight and extra piquancy taste 23 perhaps the cleanest barley you’ll find this year. Light sugars help along the vanillas; finish 22.5 medium length and refusing to stray from the malty path; balance 22.5 faultlessly clean, simplistic malt which has been excellently distilled and matured. A treat. (Jim Murray’s Whisky Bible 2012

Bruichladdich distillery
En face de Bowmore, sur la rive nord du Loch Indaal, se trouve la localité de Bruichladdich avec sa distillerie du même nom, qu’on appelle aussi affectueusement Laddie. Jusque récemment, elle était considérée comme la distillerie écossaise la plus occidentale avant que, pendant l’été 2005, à quelques kilomètres seulement de Bruichladdich, s’ouvre la distillerie Kilchoman.
Les îliens ont juché leurs enfants sur leurs épaules pour qu’ils soient témoins du moment historique. Ils se sont massés sur le rivage d’Islay pour assister à la réouverture de Bruichladdich (en 2001). L’avion du matin, qui amenait des invités, était en retard. Sur la côte, on scrutait le ciel. On avait attendu dix ans ; alors, pourquoi pas une heure de plus ? Les amateurs de Bruichladdich étaient venus de Londres, de Seattle, de Tokyo. Il y eut des larmes de joie, un ceilidh (bal gaélique) et un feu d’artifice à minuit.En 2012 Bruichladdich est vendu au groupe Remy Cointreau. 
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The bottler : James MacArthur
James MacArthur was established in 1982 with the aim of selecting whiskies from Scottish Distilleries which were either not very well known or had ceased to operate and bottling them at cask strength, thus introducing whisky drinkers to distilleries they had never heard of.
This policy has been continued, with top quality single barrel bottlings from a wide selection of distilleries. Whiskies are currently bottled at ages ranging from 10 years to 30 years and at both cask strength and 45%vol. These are fine examples of the quality and variety available from each whisky producing region and the Company has won several awards over the years for its bottlings, both internationally and in the UK. Our bottlings are also well received by Jim Murray in the Whisky Bible, the Spirit Journal in the U.S.A. and by Malt Maniacs in Europe.
James MacArthur’s Old Masters, Cask strength whiskies are bottled at natural strength and without the whisky having been chill-filtered or having colour added. The 45% bottlings, although reduced in strength, are similarly non chill-filtered and have no added colour. The aim is to offer a product which is as natural as possible and which retains its original characteristics and flavours.
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Islay, Isle of
The island of Islay (pronounces Eye-La), the most southerly of all the Hebrides, lies on the east coast of Kintyre.
It is flat, green and largely composed of peat (water on the island is brown with it mixed with peat). The harsh winter winds push the salty clouds far on the island, allowing the peat to soak in water, which is again dried by salty breezes of the sea. All these features make the charm of whiskeys from Islay, of great importance for some and less for others.
It has undoubtedly a privileged position in the world of whisky. The island has nine distilleries in activity and is carried by many whisky’s specialists as an autonomous region. It still remains parts of the installation of two other distilleries, such as warehouses, or in one case, an oven. In the best of times, there were here nearly 26 distilleries.
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