Highland Park – 1981 – 31 years – 53,80%

MacKillop’s Choice – Cask strenght
Distilled : 21/09/1981 – Bottled : March 2013 – Cask number : 8094  – Alcool : 53,80 %

According to the late Michael Jackson (whisky expert), Highland Park is “complete athlete in the world of whisky.”

In general, the Highland Park whisky has a strongly smoked and tinted with heather and malt characterbecause local peat is used for malting. This peat is still very young and full of heather. Highland Park is undoubtedly one of the best single malts, it has depth, it is round and has a long finish. It exists in many variants.
For whisky lovers, it is considered “allrounder” and enjoys an outstanding reputation even among experts.

La distillerie Highland Park
Dans les îles Orcades (Orkneys en anglais). Cet archipel d’environ 70 îles fut longtemps propriété des Norvégiens et ne devint écossaise qu’à la faveur d’une dette non réglée. Highland Park est la distillerie la plus septentrionale de toute l’Ecosse… battant de moins d’un kilomètre sa voisine Scapa.
Si Highland Park n’existait pas, il manquerait aux Iles Orcades ce petit quelque chose qui leur donne un supplément d’âme écossaise. Longtemps sous domination viking, cet archipel battu par les vents aurait plus volontiers l’accent norvégien que le «blurr» (ce roulement des «r» si caractéristique) des Highlanders.
L’histoire de la distillerie Highland Park remonterait à la fin du XVIIIème siècle, dans la clandestinité bien sûr ! 
“Le Highland Park est l’athlète le plus complet du monde du malt !  Il a le style des îles, mais associe tous les éléments d’un single malt classique : la fumée (avec des notes typiques de miel et de bruyère), le caractère malté, le moelleux, la rondeur, la plénitude en bouche et une longue finale.” (Michael Jackson)
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The Bottler : MacKillop’s Choice
Even though individual casks of whisky are distilled on the same day at the same distillery, the whiskies’ flavours and tastes, after maturation in separate casks, may differ widely. Lorne’s personal selection, Mackillop’s Choice, gives the connoisseur the opportunity to savour the rich quality and unique taste of single cask whiskies from different distilleries and of different ages.
Due to each cask’s distinctiveness, once the cask has been bottled, it cannot be replaced. Whiskies from distilleries that are no longer producing are especially demanded by collectors, owing to the dwindling availability of these casks.
All casks to be bottled as Mackillop’s Choice have been selected by Lorne Mackillop himself after careful tasting. He selects only those casks that have matured with an excellent balance of flavours. 
These flavours derive from the original spirit, having been tempered by many years in an oak cask. The whisky extracts from the oak great complexity of flavour, by a process that is still not fully understood.
Lorne rejects approximately 80% of the cask samples that he tastes as not being of sufficient high quality to bear the label of Mackillop’s Choice.
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Orkney Islands (67 islands in total) are located in the north of Scotland. Of the 17 inhabited islands, live in total only 19 000 inhabitants. However, on the pitfalls we can observe the largest population of marine birds in Great Britain. Orkney are actually on the same latitude as St. Petersburg in Russia. Yet, thanks to Golfstream, it is rarely very cold. Since the climate is temperate most of the year, it is rarely more than 16 ° C in summer.
These islands owe their name to the Vikings, who christened the group of islands Orkneyia, the “islands of seals.” On the island of Mainland is the capital, Kirkwall, with its 7000 inhabitants. It is said to be one of the most intriguing cities in Scotland. This pretty town is known for the St. Magnus Festival which takes place every year in June.
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