Inchgower – 1995 – 19 years – 56,7 %


First Editions – Cask strenght
Distilled : 07/1995 – Bottled : 07/2014 – Cask n° :   – Alcool : 56,70 %

Style of Inchgower whisky : Dry, salty. Cordial or aperitif.

La distillerie Inchgower
Pour accéder à la distillerie Inchgower, située entre Fochhabers et Buckie, il faut emprunter l’A98. Géographiquement, elle se trouve juste à la limite du Speyside.
La distillerie Inchgower est située à l’embouchure de la rivière Spey et donc proche de la mer (ce qui est rare pour un Speyside).
Seul 1% de la production de Inchgower est vendue comme single malt, le reste disparaissant dans les assemblages Bell’s, Johnnie Walker et White Horse. 
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The Bottler : Brand First Editions
Founded in 2010, the origins of the company are rooted in the decades we have spent growing up in and around the scotch whisky industry, and our respect and passion for the spirit this history has instilled. With a label inspired by the classic elegance of an antique manuscript, the First Editions brand is the mark of quality which appears across our core range of single-cask bottlings of malt whisky.

We review our maturing stocks on a monthly basis, drawing samples from casks we believe may be ready for bottling. Always mindful of the benefits of a whisky being from just one cask, we will bottle it when we feel it is at its best for drinking rather than being influenced by “round” ages such as 18, or 25 years old.
The First Editions bottlings are always at cask-strength and, naturally, without artificial colouring or chill-filtration.

“Our mission as a company is to bottle only the finest single-casks of  Scotland’s malt whiskies, under our own First Editions label.”
“As a young company in an industry where time is of the greatest importance, we can afford to be patient.”
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The Speyside is a region that forms a core within the Highlands and that stretches along the Spey River. It goes even further, far beyond the lands of the Spey. Thus, the distilleries placed along Livet, Fiddich, Avon, Lossie, Findhorn and Deveron are also considered as a part of the Speyside. As it is not a geological unit, the boundaries of that region have never been set and sometimes, one could argue about the region from which a distillery comes from. According to the way we establish the boundaries, 63 of the 90 distilleries still in operation in Scotland are in the Speyside.
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Notes de dégustation

Colour : Amber.
Nose : A mix of fresh fruits and dried fruits. Notes of black grapes, apricot and orange. There are hints of wood and ginger.
Palate : The palate is pretty calm. A liquor of dry and woody fruits.
Finish : The finish is short. Light fruity bitterness, and some sweet spices accompany raisins.

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Type de Whisky

Single Cask

Type de fût

Brut de fût

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