Rig Seumas II – 2006 – 8 yo – 46%- Murray McDavid

Murray McDavid
Distilled : 2007 – Bottled : 10/2015– 1298 bottles – Cask : small batch
Wood : Bourbon barrel, wine, sherry – Finish : 1st Fill Sherry cask.- Alcool : 46% – Ref. : 15/157

L’embouteilleur : Murray McDavid.

Welcome to Murray McDavid. We are a whisky bottler with a long tradition of practising the art of maturation to produce inspired Scotch whisky. We offer the complete range of scotch from vintage single malts and select grains to vatted malts and crafted blends.
Our family of whisky includes Mission Gold, Benchmark, Mystery Malt, Select Grain, The Vatting and Crafted Blend.
Coleburn Distillery, in the heart of Scotland’s Speyside region, is the home of Murray McDavid. This is where we practise the art of maturation by aging all of our whisky in the finest oak casks from around the world. This allows us to offer drinkers drams from all the regions of Scotland that are unique and full of character.

Notes de dégustation

Notes de dégustation de l’embouteilleur

To make this blended scotch whisky we have taken our majestic Rìgh Seumas I vatted malt and joined it with a carefully selected eight year old Invergordon single grain whisky which has created a delightfully layered and energetic dram – no surprise given the malts in this blend are Bruichladdich, Auchentoshan, Rhosdhu, Arran and Tobermory matured in a variety of Madeira, French wine and American bourbon casks. On the nose the result is candied fruit, lemon drops, set honey then vanilla over toasted oats. The palate bubbles with sweet cereal, effervescent oak spices, chewy and spicy toffee, and a long buttery vanilla finish. Be upstanding for a true monarch of the glen.


Notes de Serge Valentin

Rìgh Seumas II 8 yo 2007/2015 (46%, Murray McDavid, blended malt, 1298 bottles)  Four stars Righ Seumas II? Wasn’t that one of the guys in the early episodes of Game of Thrones? It’s interesting that MMcD would tell us what’s inside, that is to say Auchentoshan, Arran, Bruichladdich, Old Rhosdhu, and Tobermory. What a wacky combo indeed, but they wouldn’t  tell us about the proportions. As long as that’s not 90% Rhosdhu, I’m fine.
Colour: white wine with a funny hue of… orange wine (if you never tried orange wine – it’s for French bobos – please… don’t.) Nose: we’re having breakfast. I don’t think I’ve found this much porridge in one whisky before. And muesli, smoked tea, white bread… That does give it a feeling of ‘craft’ as can be encountered in a few American or European new craft whiskies. And I’m totally not against that.
Mouth: but this is very good! Sure there’s a leafy bitterness, and sure it’s probably not for everyone (if you like Glenlivet Founder’s Reserve, please move it along), but this way of being totally ‘on cereals’ is lovely. Very well done.
Finish: quite long, with grapefruits and spices such as caraway and poppy seeds. They just couldn’t go with the flow. Sadly, the aftertaste is a little bitter and drying. Loses a few points. Comments: I was’t expecting much, and I was wrong (who said ‘again’, who?) – SGP:461 – 86 points.



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Type de Whisky

Single Cask

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Brut de fût

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