Springbank – 1996 – 17 years – Sherry – 54,20%


Springbank-17-ansDouglas of Drumlanrig 
Special rebottling for La Boutique du Chemin under the label and in the box of Douglas of Drumlanrig.
The original labels are just shown for information, so that you can find out witsch was the orignal bottel, in this case the Old & Rare OAR0206
Distilled : 10/1996Bottled : 11/2013 – Cask Number :  .  – Alcool : 54,20 % vol


Springbank distillery
Springbank distillery is one of the last surviving producers of Campbeltown Single Malts. The distillery, located on the southern Kintyre peninsula, produces three distinct types of single malt Scotch whisky.
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The Bottler Hunter Laing – Douglas of Drumlanrig
Hunter Laing – a new company …… since the third generation
Although recently established and operational, Hunter Laing is a continuation of 60 years of experience and mastery in the Whisky.
Stewart Laing did give his middle name, Hunter, to form the name of the Company : Hunter Laing where he is joined by his sons Andrew and Scott, who brought in their own independent bottling company and its brand First Editions in Hunter Laing .
We are pleased to announce that the Douglas of DumlanrigFirst Editions, Sovereign, Hepburn’s Choice and Distiller’s Art in whisky and Kill Devil in single cask bottlings of Rum make part of the portfolio La Boutique du Chemin.
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Campbeltown is the capital of Scotch whisky. Located at 140 kilometres to the south-west of Glasgow, this small town nestles on the Kintyre peninsula. Known as the capital of Scotch whisky during the boom of the 19th century, the town counted 34 distilleries at that time.
For a long time, thanks to its protected location, Campbeltown had been a fiefdom for clandestine distillers. When it became legal to distil whisky with a licence, distilleries sprang up like mushrooms. Thanks to the favourable location of its harbour, exportation to the United States became quickly the city’s main source of income. Yet, the prohibition made this source dried up suddenly. Another reason for this decline was that oily whisky wasn’t very appreciated by assemblers, who preferred lighter whisky from Speyside.
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Brut de fût

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